Scrutinized by chefs as one of the most overrated seafood due to its oil content, Trout – often mistaken as Salmon – happens to be my favourite when it comes to sashimi. Indistinguishable in appearances, spotting the difference from the facade of the two can be remarkably complicated. When sliced however, the orange-marbled colour outshines and packs a multitude of flavour unlike the inherent taste profile of the usual salmon.

Blessed with a great neighbouring colleague with an even better car, travelling to alienated Tuas didn’t seem like it needed an air ticket anymore. Snorre Food, a Scandinavian seafood importer, happens to be a distributor to an array of restaurants in Singapore. What better way to get fresh fish than from the source itself?

FishFish Vendors Preparing my Order

I stood still for at least a minute as my mind delivered thoughts of inconclusiveness when the vendor asked for the portion I wanted. What if I order too much? Will it retain its freshness after a day? I’ll kill myself before freezing it. I eventually got pass the mental debate and ordered a portion nearing three-quarters of the fish. The belly was primed into sashimi with the rest vacuum-sealed into blocks of fillet ready-to-cook.

SalmonA Traditional Touch: Baked Salmon with Baslamic Vinegar



When I set my eyes on something, the only way to attain ease and equanimity, is the feeling of fulfillment from having it – a habit to my wallet’s detriment.

Sadly, with the demised of my Electric-Scooter, transportation can be a real nightmare, leaving me no other choice but to source an alternative for light traveling…

A Bicycle.

Being a fan of timeless designs shortlisted my options to two contenders, namely, TokyoBike and Crème(European).

comparisonTokyoBike (left) & Crème (right) ( &

While I’m a firm believer of Japanese workmanship, sizing has not been forgiving. TokyoBike targets the average Asian build with a limited frame sizing selection capped at a 172cm height while Crème, made in Europe, builds frames significantly larger complimenting my 188cm height.

In addition to the inhibition above, a comparison with the original TokyoBike site revealed the Bisou to cost 55000Yen, amounting shipping to be $353SGD – a real deal breaker.

With all that taken into consideration, I mobilized myself to HelloBicycles @ Middle Street to get a Crème.

Completed the look with a Vintage Headlamp and Wicker Basket



With my contract in the military coming to an end, I’m faced with the inevitable dilemma of having to look for another. Desk-bound repetitious work has been giving me claustrophobia. It wouldn’t come as a surprise, therefore,  that the title is space that I put a lurching halt to this and travel the world instead.

Essentially, with that in mind, I’ve chosen WordPress as an avenue to document my upcoming adventures. Committing to such a decision isn’t easy. Where I come from, people typically study, seek full-time employment, get married and reproduce. With good faith, my family will be able to understand the differences in culture and separate realities we live in.

Meanwhile, with my military shackles still on, I’ve decided to put time to good use by working out:

1View from Gym @ Paragon