When I set my eyes on something, the only way to attain ease and equanimity, is the feeling of fulfillment from having it – a habit to my wallet’s detriment.

Sadly, with the demised of my Electric-Scooter, transportation can be a real nightmare, leaving me no other choice but to source an alternative for light traveling…

A Bicycle.

Being a fan of timeless designs shortlisted my options to two contenders, namely, TokyoBike and Crème(European).

comparisonTokyoBike (left) & Crème (right) ( &

While I’m a firm believer of Japanese workmanship, sizing has not been forgiving. TokyoBike targets the average Asian build with a limited frame sizing selection capped at a 172cm height while Crème, made in Europe, builds frames significantly larger complimenting my 188cm height.

In addition to the inhibition above, a comparison with the original TokyoBike site revealed the Bisou to cost 55000Yen, amounting shipping to be $353SGD – a real deal breaker.

With all that taken into consideration, I mobilized myself to HelloBicycles @ Middle Street to get a Crème.

Completed the look with a Vintage Headlamp and Wicker Basket



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